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9 George Street, Glossop
Derbyshire, SK13 8AY

Tel: 01457 862747
Mob: 07876 573 669


Tiny Feet Reflexology

Tiny Feet Reflexology

Tiny Feet Reflexology is based on George Street in Glossop and is run by Breeda Hartle GJC (Dip.Reflex).

I also offer a mobile reflexology service Covering Manchester, Stockport, Tameside, Glossop and the High Peak. I will travel within a 10 mile radius of Glossop. Outside of this radius an extra charge will apply.

I first became interested in Reflexology when I had some treatment for back pain some years ago. The treatment left me feeling revitalised after every session and prompted me to search for a career in reflexology. I wanted others to experience the benefits of reflexology as I did and so I went on to gain my reflexology qualification and to create Tiny Feet Reflexology.

Breeda Hartle

I trained for 12 months at Jubilee College in Manchester and gained a diploma level 3 in Reflexology, Anatomy and Physiology and I am also trained in first aid for appointed persons. I always aim to maintain the highest standards in all my work and follow a professional code of practise. All client consultations and treatments are completely confidential.

History of Reflexology

Reflexology is a method for activating the healing powers of the body. Research from ancient times shows us that the early Chinese, Japanese, Indians, Russians and Egyptians worked on the feet to promote good health and from that day to this the principle of Reflexology still remains the same. That principle is that there are energy zones that run throughout the body and reflex areas in the feet that correspond to all the major organs, glands and body parts, therefore stimulating the feet in the correct way during a Reflexology session could prove very rewarding.

Dr. William Fitzgerald (b.1872 – d.1942) is known as the “Father of Zone Therapy.” He was the most forward thinking of medical men, who became a natural healer through the art of using pressure therapy to benefit and heal the human body. A graduate of the University of Vermont, he was for many years senior Ear, Nose and Throat Surgeon at St. Francis Hospital, Hartford, Connecticut. While working at his speciality, he observed that by applying pressure to certain parts of the body the patient would feel no pain, and he was able to do minor operations without using local analgesic.

Reflexology was known as Zone Therapy until the early 1960’s. An American Physiotherapist named Eunice Ingham developed reflexology from Zone Therapy and she is now known as the mother or reflexology her nephew, Dwight C. Byer, now continues her work.

Stress related health issues

Stress is a major contributing factor in most of ours lives. Life moves at a much faster pace now that we forget to take time out for ourselves, leaving our bodies tired and In need of a boost.

Reflexology helps relaxation, improves the mood, aids sleep, helps to relieve tension and improves sense of wellbeing and may improve many stress related health issues such as:-

- Digestive disorders
- Breathing Disorders
- Back pain/Joint pain
- Sleep disorders
- Hormonal imbalances
- Skin problems
- Fertility Issues

If stress plays a role in your life and you want to give Reflexology a try give me a call to book a consultation....however, you do not need a reason to have a session of reflexology it is a lovely experience just to have some time out to be pampered..

"your feet are your future"

Prices - 2016


Initial consultation session (adult)


Standard 50 min session (adult)


Course of 6 adult treatments (must be paid in full in advance)


One-off labour induction


Initial consultation session (children/babies)


10-15 min session (children/babies)


In order for your body to benefit from reflexology a course of 6 treatments are recommended but not always necessary.

We ask that any customers wishing to cancel an appointment give us a minimum of 24 hours notice so that we can fill the time we have set aside for you. If a customer cancels without letting us know at least 24 hours in advance we will charge a £15 cancellation fee.

Fertility issues

Breeda has undergone additional training for Enhancing Fertility and Maternity Care and would be happy to create a treatment plan fully tailored to suit individual needs. I am aware of how sensitive a subject it is and therefore would treat my clients with the utmost care and understanding they deserve!

I am also now trained to administer reflexology at any stage of pregnancy therefore having a few sessions of reflexology could make the uncomfortable stages of your pregnancy more tolerable..

Please follow these links to learn more about Reflexology and infertility:-

Daily Mail - Is reflexology the new cure for infertility?

Daily Mail - Reflexology: can it aid fertility?

Independent - Hospital tries reflexology to boost fertility


Hayley came to see me for fertility treatment and continued her treatments after she conceived. She now has a gorgeous little boy to complete her family!

"I have been seeing Breeda for Reflexology now for almost 12 months now and have a session every 2 weeks. I look forward to my sessions and so do my feet. My feet even feel different when I need to go! I find the sessions very relaxing thanks to Breeda's hands and the calming environment which she creates. I always get a great nights sleep after a visit - something which I don't usually have. I am due to have a baby in June and will definitely try the "baby sessions" too. I am sure he will love the sessions and so will I if they make him sleep! I would like to thank Breeda for my hour of heaven every fortnight - I definitely don't foresee me stopping my sessions."
Hayley Turner - February 2011

"I am 83 and I suffer from COPD (Emphysema). I recently moved to Glossop and I had Reflexology weekly where I used to live and I wanted it again. I felt great relief with my breathing after a few sessions and also with passing urine, I had terrible trouble with this until I started the sessions with Breeda. I have also had great relief from my sinuses, my nose is running all the time now! I found Breeda to be very professional, she explained everything to me. I had no idea it was so beneficial to me. I look on the treatment as part of my medicine regime. Breeda is A1!"
E.Whalley - Glossop - April 2010

"My friend recommended I see Breeda to relax and to try to induce my labour. I was very happy with the session-an hour of total relaxation which felt great! During the session I felt some tightening over my stomach while Breeda was working the uterus reflex!"
H.J.Cookson Sale - April 2010

"I would definitely recommend Breeda. She was very professional and precise. She picked up on every ailment I was suffering with at the time of the session."
Taster Party Guest - April 2009

"Reflexology made me feel relaxed every session. I have Reflexology on a regular basis now as it benefits me greatly"
JH - Manchester - 2008

"I was extremely sceptical about any form of alternative therapy until I agreed to be a case study for Breeda. It totally opened my eyes. I had suffered from insomnia for a number of years it improved greatly after the sessions. Thanks Breeda!"
SA - Derbyshire - 2007

Taster events

If you are still not sure Reflexology is for you, why not host a Reflexology taster night. Pamper yourself! – get together with a group of family or friends and relax with a 20 minute reflexology taster session each. The party host gets their session absolutely FREE whilst your guests pay just £15 each.

(groups of between 4 and 10)


Lamberts ® Healthare products are available at Tiny Feet Reflexology just ask for details during your session.

Reflexology Glossop

Gift vouchers

Gift Vouchers now available…..why not treat a loved one to some well deserved me time by purchasing a Reflexology gift voucher for them.


Q – Does Reflexology work?

A – Here are some of the statistics taken from a recent pilot study in Northern Ireland 2008 the results speak for themselves:-

- 81% of patients reported an improvement in their physical health, with 79% reporting an improvement in their mental health (source, patient survey)

- 81% of patients said that their general health had improved, with a similarly high proportion of patients (82%) reporting to be less worried about their symptoms following treatment (source, MYMOP)

- 62% of patients were suffering less pain, with 60% having more control over pain (source, patient survey)
There was a 14 percentage point reduction in the proportion of patients using medication between the pre and post-treatment stages (i.e. down from 75% to 61%) (source, project monitoring data)

- 84% of patients directly linked the CAM treatments to an improvement in their overall wellbeing (source, patient survey)

Q – is reflexology ticklish?

A – No, the pressure used is firm but pleasant & the movements are firm & decisive. Even ticklish people have been surprised that it has not tickled. However, if you really are worried about this, we can focus the treatment on the hands which is just as beneficial.

Q - Does reflexology hurt?

A-Not on the whole - there can be some discomfort when reflex points are being massaged which relate to areas of the body where there is an imbalance. However, the discomfort should be minimal & temporary & you should feedback to your therapist who will adjust the pressure accordingly.

Q – I have athletes foot – can I still come for reflexology?

A – no, as it's infectious, I won’t be able to offer you a treatment until it has cleared up. Tea tree oil has been shown to be very beneficial as it has antiseptic qualities. But ultimately you should see a chiropodist for advice on how to treat your athletes foot & once it has cleared up, we can start the reflexology.

Q – I have a verruca – can I still come for reflexology?

A – yes, we can cover the verruca with a plaster to avoid cross infection & I will work that reflex point on the hand instead.

Q – how will I feel after reflexology?

A – everyone is unique and so everyone reacts differently to treatments: some people feel tired, others feel energised; a lot of people feel very thirsty immediately after & we always recommend that you drink a lot of water after a treatment. you may notice that you need to evacuate your bowels or urinate more frequently after a treatment; some people have claimed to feel more in control and better able to cope. There could be a temporary worsening of your presenting condition, or other symptoms might appear. This is known as a healing crisis reaction and is perfectly natural: it is your body’s way of telling you the self-healing process has begun. Any side-effects should be short lived, but it is important that you let me know about them at the next session as this is all part of your healing process so that I can further adapt the treatment plan if necessary.

Q – how many treatments will I need?

A – everyone is different and the number of treatments depends on a whole host of factors: the condition that you would like help with, your age and general state of health. An initial course of 6 treatments should be enough for any condition. At the end of each session, I will be reassessing your individual needs and letting you know how it is progressing.

Q – Are there any circumstances in which reflexology would not be advisable?

A - Reflexology is a very safe form of treatment but it may not be suitable for some people suffering with deep vein thrombosis, phlebitis or conditions associated with excessive blood clotting. The first three months of pregnancy is a time for caution, particularly if the expectant mother has a history of unstable pregnancies, since reflexology promotes hormone function. Later in pregnancy reflexology can be extremely beneficial.

Q – Which areas does your reflexology service cover?

We travel to customers in all areas within a 10 mile radius of Glossop for no extra charge. This includes East Manchester, Stockport, Oldham, Tameside, the High Peak & Marple. We can travel to customers in other areas but there will be an additional charge to cover the extra travelling time and expense.

Contact me

9 George Street,
SK13 8AY

Tel: 01457 862747
Mob: 07876 573 669


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Tiny Feet Reflexology

Specialising in Fertility and Maternity Reflexology

Tiny Feet Reflexology

by Breeda Hartle GJC (Dip.Reflex)